Inspired by his own misfortunes & rough bringing : VICTIM15

Pushing the parameters of his interest in fashion from the age of 15 Shareef Mosby is the prodigious designer behind VICTIM15. Based in Richmond, Virginia the label turns traditional, utilitarian fabrics and silhouettes into street-chic & contemporary ready-to-wear sets against more traditional artistic installations. All products are based on a concept that adapts from season to season. Victim15 speaks from a space where the date is always the first day after the end.  Which consist of versatile wardrobe stapled pieces all being manufactured in Richmond, VA. The fruits of one’s labor collection is designed to be worn together which harmonizes in color and line. Inspired by a few things: the genetic modification of fruits and current times of change within our current societal landscape. Growth takes place outside of the comfort zone, like a seed we all evolve from a simple to more complex form. We aren’t promised tomorrow so enjoy your time here today. We all try to avoid uncertainty in life, even if it means being wrong. We take comfort in certainty, and we demand it from others, even when we know it’s impossible.